Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Classic MegaMan 2 nintendo wallpaper

This is the second post about MegaMan 2. This time with WoodMan! I always tought why the trees are over a dark background... anyway the sky is blue so I kept the same style as in the game.

MegaMan 2 Wallpaper WoodMan 1280x1024

MegaMan 2 Wallpaper WoodMan 1440x900

MegaMan 2 Wallpaper WoodMan 1680x1050

Classic MegaMan 2 nintendo wallpaper + iphone

MegaMan 2 or RockMan if you want. I'm starting with this post with a sequence of MegaMan 2 themes .The AirMan level was so cool! It's simple but nice.

MegaMan 2 Airman 1280x1024

MegaMan 2 Airman 1440x900

MegaMan 2 Airman 1680x1050

MegaMan 2 Airman Iphone

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Super Contra, SuperC classic NES wallpaper

I know there's a lot of Contra games out there, but i believe this is the most remarkable version.
And that's where I learned the classic konami cheat (On the title screen, press Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B, then Start)

And with this post, i'm beginning a new section for Iphone wallpapers! So if you're looking for classic Nes and Classic Gaming wallpaper, stay tuned.

Amazing Classic Nes Bart vs Space Mutants wallpaper

Bart vs the Space Mutants for NES! When I was playing this the other day, I thought it would be cool making a wallpaper with a 3d vision of the entire 1st stage. So there you go! A classic NES game in wallpaper version.

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